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10 Minute Oil Change

10 Minute Oil Change
No Appointment Required! 916 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park 0416 429 802



    • Q. How can you guarantee a 10 Minute Oil Change?
    • A. In most cases we will be able to provide a 10 minute oil change if there is a pit space available. If there are no pits available, you may have to wait until a pit becomes available, but generally this should not take too long. Other factors that might cause the 10 Minute Oil change to take longer, will be caused by the availability of an oil filter; we will have most of the filters in stock, however, if your car is a rare model, we may have to source a filter. In this case we would ask you come back at a later time, or you could briefly wait until the filter arrives. From time to time, the 10 minutes may go over by a few minutes but we endeavour to keep to our promise.
    • Q. Can I make an appointment to come in?
    • A. Yes, we would make sure a pit is available, but you must be on time otherwise you run the risk of having to wait until the next pit becomes available.
    • Q. Is your work guaranteed.?
    • A. Yes, if for some reason there is a problem after we have serviced your car, please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify any faults.